Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 30

Archimedes' Principle Explained

Archimedes' principle is a law that explains buoyancy or upthrust. It states thatWhen a body is completely or partially immersed in a fluid it experiences an upthrust, or an apparent loss in weight, which is equal to the weight of fluid displaced.Accor...

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Apr 29

Problem: Kinematics #1

A stone is released from a height of 20 m and allowed to fall in a straight line towards the ground. Ignoring air resistance, calculatea) the time taken for the stone to reach the ground.b) the velocity of the stone just before it touches the ground(Assume that g = 10 m s-2)SolutionShow solution >>The answers for (a) and (b) are 2 seconds and 20 m s-1 respectively.This is a problem utilising the

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Apr 28

The Equations for Uniform Acceleration

There are four equations for uniform acceleration (also known as the kinematic equations) which are used to describe the motion of an object: – initial velocityv – final velocitya – accelerationt – times – displacementYou may b...

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Apr 22

Problem: Waves #1

The frequency of oscillation of a simple pendulum is f1. When the length of the pendulum l is increased to 2l, the frequency of oscillation of the simple pendulum is f2. The value of the ratio f1/f2 isSolutionShow solution >> The answer is D.The formula for the periodic time, T of a simple pendulum is given byand we know thatTherefore, the formula for f of a simple pendulum is given byNow we know

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Apr 20

Getting Started

This post is about getting started in physics in general and also benefiting from the future contents of this blog as promised in the Introduction post.For high school students studying physics at school, you can use your textbook for reference should ...

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Apr 07

Clear your concepts – 1 (plus two – electrostatics)

If you are preparing for enterance exams like AIEEE, IIT-JEE, AIIMS, etc. then your concepts should be very very clear. To clarify your concepts keep answering the questions that will appear in this series of clear your concepts.1. What is the minimum ...

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