We will soon be launching a site enabling online learning for all subjects up to Class XII

In line with http://physicsclassroom.2lv.in (which is also reachable directly from http://physicstutor.co.in and http://physicsfundas.co.in as well as just http://2lv.in ) and inspired by the huge positive response and welcome received for the Physics Classroom Project, We are making steps towards the launching of a website catering to all Science subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio Technology, Maths & Computer Science

The Website is planned to be of an online course – assignment – chat type and will be time bound. That is the students will have to enroll for the course first and then you will be given the course, assignment and chat schedule and you will have to complete the formalities.

This site is also intended to be free of charge. However, for some specialized courses requiring expert faculties to be hired, there will be a small affordable fees so as to meet the expenses to be paid to the expert.

Have any suggestions on how the Site should be? Just write in your suggestions to master@2lv.in

Teachers and subject experts are also welcome to express your interest in joining the project with details of returns expected on course basis.

The suggestions will be helpful for us in formulating a final structure for remunerating the teachers and experts.

Teachers and experts will be appointed only after online tests and interview to check their suitability in undertaking the task.

Spread the message, share in the social bookmarking sites below and let the world get benefited from it.

Best Wishes

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