H.C. Verma – The Craze of IIT Aspirants

Most of the IIT aspirants think that H.C. Verma’s concepts of Physics (Vol I and II) are indispensable tools towards their achievement of target.

How much is this true?

Why is H.C. Verma and his Concepts of Physics so Special?

What are the advantages of following H.C. Verma ?

Is it worth buying a copy of the two volumes of H.C. Verma’s concepts of physics?


Please comment.


If you have any questions or doubts or unsolved problems from HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics, Please post as comment.

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praphul t said...

of course hc verma concept of physics has all the concepts clearly illustrated thus making an individual score good marks in phy.mainly iit problems will be of same pattern as those given in the book thus its worthy.

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