A Google Group for PlusTwo Physics Students

Anyone interested in Physics can now join the PlusTwoPhysics Group (in association with Google) and post questions and get the answers. The answers will be delivered to your email inbox (if opted) and also to the group wall.

Though this group is primarily aimed at supporting the members and users of www.plustwophysics.com , anyone interested in Physics can benefit from this group.

Students are requested to send their questions as well as any doubts or links to the group.
The group will also host and link previous Physics Question Papers, Question Banks , Lecture Notes and more

Students of any Syllabus can join this group as well as www.plustwophysics.com for free.

Teachers can join this site and contribute contents and participate in discussions to answer questions and queries from students and other members.



Key of Tech said...

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Ncert Sample Papers

Ncert Inmortant Questions

Science Important Notes

Class Tenth Sciencenam

willson said...

Nice and very informative blog.I am student of 12th class.From many days i was trying to find out some important questions of physics on internet,but i didn't make up to it.But this blog is very helpful for students like me.

These CBSE imp questions will be very helpful in preparig for examinations.

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