May 28

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AISSCE RESULT PUBLISHED. What is your score in Physics?

The level of Physics question paper for AISSCE was a matter of hot discussion here. Now everyone is eager to know the scores.

We invite you to share your expected score and the actual score obtained.


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  1. ARKA says:

    xpctd 90…..got 85.a bit upset

  2. Star says:

    I got 91%. best score. thanks.

  3. Star says:

    91%. best score. thanks

  4. Ritika says:

    87 !!

  5. naagu says:

    got 90 expected less than 80!!!!!!!!:)

  6. katty says:

    i expected 80 but i got 70…little bit disappointed bout my physics marks..anyways i’ve to accepted it!

  7. pranshu says:

    96 in physics

  8. archit says:


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