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At PlusTwoPhysics you can now post your questions and doubts online and get the answers on email.


We started this facility to enable the students to come forward and ask questions without fear or shyness.


The approved questions will be answered as well as published at PlusTwoPhysics website.


In case of delay in answering the questions, such questions will be posted on to the website to enable the visitors to post answer as comments.

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Simple questions can be asked through the comment system too.

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  1. arsh

    sir my ques. is In annihilation concept of chp. electrostatics why e- + e+ -> 2gamma ray photon,

  2. physicsmaster

    The question is not fully clear. If your question is Why TWO gamma rays, I would recommend to go through the following link Click Here for More information

    Further, I request you to post detailed questions and doubts here.
    Thank you

  3. Dwane

    Find the value 0f 50J/Min on a sytem which has 100g, 100cm and 1 min as fundamental units

  4. hemant

    I want to know abt the syallabus and tha date of exams for BS Physics in IISC..

  5. sudhaa

    i need physics 2010 tamilnadu public exam question paper

  6. deepak

    sir when we climb up a rope with acceleration how do tension helps in that please explain

    1. admin

      Use Newton’s laws of motion and free body diagrams. When we are at rest or moving up or down without acceleration, our weight will be equal to T.
      But when moving with acceleration, it will be different. While climbing up with acceleration, ma = T-mg
      or T = m(a+g)

  7. devender sharma

    when we climb up then rope is very tight because of our weight. then tension is greater than weight so climb. there ma=T-mg (because tension is greater)you right admin

    1. admin

      yes; T= m(a+g) while climbing up

  8. sachin

    is electric field intensity,,,,and electric field strength is same

  9. sachin

    relation between electrivc field intensity and flux density in case of sphere containing charge
    a) d=e/e0
    b) d=q/e0
    c) d=e.e0
    d) d=none

  10. kinagi

    the point at which 2 parallel lines meet is called
    INFINITY …… a basic concept forgotten by most of the people

  11. Faizan Beyg

    specific resistance of copper wire is 1.6 into 10 rest to the power -8 ohm.m. What happens to its specific resistance and resistance if one meter long wire is cut in to two pieces??

    plz answer it.

  12. manoj rajbongshi

    a charge q is placed at the center of the line joining two equal charges Q.Show that the system of three charge will be of equilibrium,if q=-Q/4?

  13. manoj rajbongshi

    two electrons and a positive charge q are held along at straight line.At what position and at what value at q will the system equilibrium?

  14. xakk nakk

    Which are the important things or chapters in 11th physics study?

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