How was the CBSE Physics Exam 2012?

How was AISSCE Physics Question Paper 2012?

Was the Board question paper 2012 up to the standard? Were there any questions out of syllabus? Was any of the questions too tough? Were there any unexpected questions? How was the numerical problems? Did you get sufficient time to answer the questions? Please post your response soon. Your responses on AISSCE Physics Question Paper 2012 can affect the marking/ evaluation and eventually the marks. Comment honestly.

Some important questions for class 12

  • A charged particle enters a magnetic field region in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. Will there be any change in the particle’s (i) kinetic energy (ii) momentum


In the presence of a magnetic field, the particle experiences a magnetic force in the direction perpendicular to the directions of the moving particle and the magnetic field. The magnitude of
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