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Feb 02

The Coriolis force and a bit of equatorial flimflam

Got by Mail from Jearl Walker


You have spent a lifetime on a rotating planet but the only frequent and obvious clues about the rotation are the apparent motion of

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Sep 04

Questions waiting to be answered at

Can you answer these?

A bullet of mass m is fired with a velocity v and strikes a a block of mass M suspended by a string of length L. the bullet gets embedded in the block. What is the angle

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Sep 01

Where is electricity stored after it is generated but before it is supplied?

This question was posted by Chithraja. This is a common doubt arising naturally in the minds of children as well as adults who think. But they never ask, or if they ask the questions remain unanswered. I will explain the question itself first. When we switch on a bulb we get the energy. But what happens to the electricity [...]

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