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A bullet of mass m is fired with a velocity v and strikes a a block of mass M suspended by a string of length L.
the bullet gets embedded in the block. What is the angle the the block makes due to the impact?


Why planets revolve around their own axis?


At time t=0 a ball is projected with a velocity = 60 m/s at 60 degrees form x axis.find the times when the velocity will make angle of 45 degree from x axis?


Suppose that, while lying on a beach near the equator watching the Sun set over a calm ocean, you start a stopwatch just as the top of the Sun disappears.You then stand, elevating your eyes by a height H = 1.70 metres, and stop the watch when the top of the Sun again disappears, If the elapsed time is t=11.1 s, what is the radius r of earth?


A non flow reversible process occurs for which p=3v has power 2+1/v where p is in bar & v is in m has power3. What will be the work done when v changes from 0.5 to 1.5m has power3.


Draw  the ray diagram to show the image formation during looming (mirage in cold regions )?

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Wave particle duality

Let n and m denote the number of photons emitted by a red and blue bulb respectively of equal power in a given time.Is n=m? The above question was passed over to this site from , A website dedicated to satisfy the inquisitive mind of...


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