Reference Books in Physics Suggested by CBSE for class XI and XII students

1.      Fundamentals of Physics

–         David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

       Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


2.      Facets of Physics :  A conceptual Approach   

 West Publishing Company


3.      University Physic

–         H.D Young, M.W.Zemansky and F.W.Sears

       Narosa Pub. House


4.      Physics – Foundations and Frontiers

–         George Gamow and J.M.Clearland

       Tata Mcgraw Hill


5.      College Physics

–         R L Weber, K.V Manning, M.W.White & G.A Weygard

      Tata Mcgraw Hill


6.      College Physics

–         Reymond A.Sarvey and Jerry S.Fanghan

       Harcourt Brace & Co.


7.      Principles of Physics

                    – Raymond A.Serway & John W.Jewett, Jr.


8.      The Elements of Physics

                    I.S Grant & W.R. Phillips


9.      Physics can be fun

–         Y. Perelman, Mir Publishers


10. Advanced level Physics M.Nelkon & P.Parker

–         Arnold – Heinemann


11.  Success in Physics – Tom Duncan

                        John Murray Publications Ltd.


12.  Success in Electronics – Tom Duncan

–         John Murray Publications Ltd.


13.  Concepts of Physics – H.C.Verma

                        Bharti Bhawan Publishers


14.  3000 Solved Problems in Physics

                        Alvin Halpern

                        Schaum’s solved problem series

                        Tata Mcgraw Hill


15.  Mcgraw Hill’s Dictionary of Physics


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Class XI Physics Annual Exam Question Paper

Download and practice the Annual Exam question Paper in Physics for Class 11 conducted by KVS Chennai Region.

class xi physics annual exam

The question paper consists of many frequently asked questions

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How was your Physics Practical Examination?

Hello students!

It’s the time of AISSCE Practical Examination.

How was your Physics Practical Examination and Viva?

Which questions were asked to you?

Which were the experiments and activities you were asked to perform?

How farely did you do it?

Share your experience here as comments to this post. Your responses will be a boon for the others.

You can post the questions you were asked during Viva so that others can find the answers to them and learn for the Viva during their turn.

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What is circular or rotary motion ? Explain with example.

(This question was originally posted at – our initiative to answer the curious questions emerged as a result of genuine thought of children. As the above question did not qualify the criterion to be posted and answered at A...


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