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Mar 22


Central Board of Secondary Education

The CBSE Results 2012for class X (AISSE) and class XII (AISSCE) will be published by the third week of May 2012.

For Class X, the CCE details are being uploaded by the Vidyalayas to

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Oct 05

ICSE Physics Sample Paper 2011

Click the link below to download ICSE Physics Sample Paper

ICSE Physics 2011 sample paper

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Oct 03

CBSE Class X Physics SA 1 Questions and Answers

 Suggest two reasons which make the large scale usage of nuclear

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Sep 10

Optional Proficiency Test for Class-X

CBSE is conducting an optional proficiency test in all the five main subjects from next year.

The proposed Proficiency Test is being conducted with the broad objectives of :

  • acting as a benchmark in testing of skills and higher mental abilities of students
  • providing motivation to students for academic excellence in the respective subject
  • providing feedback to students and parents on how well the students have achieved the desired learning objectives.
  • providing feedback to schools on levels of learning of their students and setting
  • goals, priorities and targets in their future educational plan.


Some of the specific

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Aug 01

Electricity – Class X CBSE

Some important points to remember

The resistance of a conductor does not change when the current through it is changed or the voltage across it is changed. When current is changed, the voltage

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Jul 31

Electric Fuse – A Safety Device


Electric Fuse is a Safety device It works on the principle of Joule’s law of heating It consists of a fuse wire made of an alloy of tin and lead, which melts and breaks

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