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Sep 13

The problem of a rock thrown vertically up

A rock is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial speed 15m/s. a. how high does it go b. how much time is required for the rock to reach its maximum height? c. what is the rock’s height at t=2.00s? (Posted by Merhawi) Answer: (a) u=15m/s a=-10m/s2 v=0 m/s [...]

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Sep 11

Why protons attract inside a nucleus?

What is the reason for proton- proton attraction inside the nucleus according to nuclear physics? (Sanjeev Asked)

Answer: Inside the nucleus where the nucleons are very close to each

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Nov 10

Bringing Fusion Reactor to a Reality :: Read and Watch the efforts and Achievements

imageKnow more about the Nuclear fusion Reactor and the efforts behind bringing it to a reality. Fusion – the nuclear process that powers the Sun – has long held promise as a potential source of

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