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Dec 02


1. Draw a circuit diagram of OR gate.

2. What is a logic gate?

3. What types of charge-carriers are there in a n-type semi conductor?

4. Give the logical symbol of an AND gate. Mark the inputs and outputs.

5. Draw the logic symbol for a NAND gate.

6. Which biasing will make the resistance of p-n junction high?

7. Write the truth table for OR gate.

8. What is the change in the collector current, in a transistor of a.c. current gain 150, for a 100µA change in its base current?

9. When the voltage drop across a p-n junction diode is increased from 0.65V to 0.70V, the change in the diode current is 5mA. What is the dynamic resistance of the diode?

10. How does conductivity of a semiconductor change with rise in its temperature?

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Jun 10

KVS Study Materials :: Download Links

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Feb 23

Collection of CBSE Class 12 Previous Question Papers

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Feb 03

Physics Practical

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Feb 02

CBSE Physics Classs XII Viva Voce – Tips to perform well

Viva Voce is one one of the important factor which decides your overall score in Physics Practical examination.

The external examiner is not knowing what you are really. Viva Voce is the only means to

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Feb 01

XII Physics :: Some useful downloads and links

XII Physics 2009 CBSE Board Exam Solution by Toppers

XII Physics Model Question Paper from AIPPG

XII Physics Problems from Current Electricity (SchoolNotes4u)

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Aug 21

Van de Graff Generator Pics

image vandegraffimage image image image

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