Jun 29

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CERN might announce an official “discovery” of the Higgs boson next week

CERN officials have announced an extraordinary scientific seminar to be held at CERN on 4 July, the eve of this year’s major particle-physics conference, ICHEP, in Melbourne. So, it is expected that  CERN might announce an official “discovery” of the Higgs boson next week. An interview with Higgs published by CERN also adds to this expectation. In the interview, Higgs opposes the particle being named after him alone.

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What do you think? Will CERN announce the discovery of Higg’s Boson on 4 July?

You can here the interview with Higgs at http://iopp.fileburst.com/article-objects/phw/2012/50089-Higgs-interview-audio.mp3

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