How was AISSE (CBSE Class 10) 2010 Science Question Paper ?

26 March 2010 : Today CBSE conducted Science Exam for AISSE (CBSE Class X).

Some students responded that many questions were unexpected and unconventional.

What is your opinion?

  • Was there any error in any of the questions?
  • Was there any question out of syllabus?
  • Was the paper lengthy?

Post your comments and reactions here as intense debate comments below.
You can also post the doubtful questions for discussion.


  1. d paper ws ok.sum unexpectd ques oders copied frm cbse sample papers. the most hillarious thing ws dat one ques was incomplete(i mean it) the voltage wasnt given n many wer confusd.oders wer smart.dey assumed it 2 b 1.5 v………………..

  2. i doubtful ques: which is the most convenient way of inducing current? what are the different ways of inducing current in a coil?

  3. Exam was quite good, but 16th question info was not Sufficient.
    Does anyone have the solutions of MCQ paper.
    if then please forward it to <>

  4. does anyone know wen the results will be out ??
    another dt , will v be getting marks 4 de qn were the voltage wasnt given for the 2nd sub division????

  5. where will v get the qn papers?? the board xam ones??
    is there ny website 4 tat??
    need to check ma answers b4 the results r out!!!