Mar 24

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How was CBSE Maths?

Now that CBSE Maths exam is also over, comment on the question paper.

Was it easy, moderate or difficult?

Could you answer the questions in time?

Post the doubtful questions and discuss online …


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  1. shrey math killer says:

    it was extremely easy.many questions were similar from past yesr papers.best paper so far.looking to score cent per cent.

  2. calvin fradian says:

    It was very tough compared to last year. last year question paper includes questions from all chapters, but this time most of the question are from 3d and vectors, so many of the students seems difficult to answer. we the students hope the cbsc board will give marks for attempting all the questions. so we hope the corrections must be liberal.

  3. Hari Krishnan says:

    maths exam was harder as compared to last year… some questions are lengthy so that we are not able to complete in time… hope evaluation will be liberal…

  4. ranjith says:

    maths easy yet i did’nt got time to complete it,will lose 10 marks because i didn’t got time,yet the paper was easy but lengthy.

  5. rajesh says:

    The exam was hard than last years especiallly 4 mark questions.and also lengthy…hope correction will be liberal…..

  6. Sbabbu kv says:

    Its easy copared to physics, almost all the questions were from the text itself.Expects 95+..

  7. Suryansh Singh says:

    The difficulty level of the question paper was above average. It was harder as compared to previous years. The questions paper was extremely lengthy. Some of the questions from Section B , apart from being lengthy were difficult too- especially related to “Determinants, differential Equations and Probability” They were essentially Six mark questions in Section The question paper was so lengthy that no one known to me has been able to attempt for more than 90 marks.
    This year CBSE seems to be going too harsh and cruel on the students.

  8. yash says:

    it was an average paper .you just had to bother about time management . questions where a bit lenthy but not tedious.i think i will score in the nineties

  9. TUntun says:

    many questions were tricky…to save time tricks were to be used….paper was easy….expecting 95+…

  10. SRM says:

    The paper was okay but a lengthy one.
    It was of course,harder than last year’s paper.
    Guess the marking scheme will be liberal.

  11. neil says:

    questions were moderate ……many questions were from ncert book …..i attempted 96 number …and couldnt solve the 3d problem in b section …..rest of the tough questions i had solved before so it was easy for me …..it was way easier than physics

  12. ALEX says:


    1. Ri says:

      Which paper did u do?

  13. Ri says:

    Paper was horrible… Not enough time + extremely difficult… Wat were they even thinking setting up a paper like this…. I did foreign n that was bad enough so just imagine how wud the others be!! very tricky q’s….

  14. ARKA says:

    a bit lengthy but attemptable..i attempted 99 marks

  15. Albert Einstein says:

    PLEASEEE someone upload the foreign and allindia question papers as soon as possible.

    admin, are you sure the physics corrections will be VERY VERY liberal ? how did the information reach you? there is no such news on cbse.nic.in

    1. admin says:

      There is nothing liberal. But, CBSE moderates the marking scheme before evaluation starts. Every year this happens and with every subject the moderation is done. But, this cannot be called liberalized valuation. Only students who attempt the questions will get the benefit. Especially the difficult ones.

  16. Rishi says:

    Mine was Set 3. It was lengthy.Anyone here who did set 3? How was it?

    1. lengthy says:

      I had set 3 Delhi region. It was a little more lengthy and difficult set as compared to the others. I had just under 5-7 minutes to attempt the 6 marked question of area under curves in which plotting the graph was also to be done. Ultimately I ended up shading and hence evaluating the area for the incorrect region.
      The area was bound by three lines. I got the graph correct. Can anyone please tell how many marks I may expect there . Other than that I had made no other mistake. So my range is 94 – 94 + the marks i get in the area question.

  17. Albert Einstein says:

    @admin : i get you. is cbse willing to give a 100 this time in physics ? .
    and, is it possible to download the marking scheme from some website?


    1. admin says:

      A complete analysis of the solutions will be soon published at http://www.physicsfans.com

  18. Someone says:

    My teacher told me that she did evaluation on the day of maths exam and someone from chennai zone got only 17 in physcis and she had to make it 22

    So she just gave him 5 marks
    The maths paper seemed to be little lengthy and tricky as well
    It was easy but lenghty

  19. Mustafa says:

    ..it was easier than physics and chemistry. Many will get 100.

  20. jaskaran says:

    Completed in 145 mins.Easy paper.

  21. Anirudh says:

    Is everyone talking of the delhi paper or outside delhi! Please mention that in your comments please! I live in kuwait and i found the paper very easy but many of my friends found it tough! And by the way the board does not change the pattern so u wont get more than certain no. Of questions from a certain chapter!

  22. sahil malik says:

    maths paper was from ncert but most difficult questions of 3d and probability were selected and there was very little choice in 6 marks questions.paper was lengthy.i pray to cbse to be a little liberal in checking,as these marks are very precious to me and for everybody and this is carrier deciding class.

    1. alba says:

      yes,sahil i completely agree with you,they should have given in 6 marks question of probability ,aod and 3d.cbse didnt do justice with children this time,as they should think an average student is also giving this paper.not everybody who score 95
      + is giving .

  23. neha says:

    The paper was quite average. The questions were pretty average.. But the the paper was very lengthy. Nobody in my center was able to finish the paper in time. Everyone had left around 10-20 marks including me. Studied very hard but was extremely upset as I knew all the questions but didn’t have enough time to attempt them all.

  24. AKHIL BATRA says:

    the paper was easy and easily done with proper time management, but mistakenly skipped determinant question

  25. K**IL SI**L says:


  26. SRENEVASAN says:


    1. Nishant says:

      good!very good srenevasan dis implies dat u have worked very hard this year,expected to see u as a cbse board topper-2012.
      but don’t be very over confident and proud of ur success.great man never show proud of their success like sachin “100th century” which is just impossible for other cricketers.

  27. Rishabh says:

    Quite easy. Paper was short too. Expecting great marks. Delhi set 2.

  28. Navratna says:

    The math,s paper was easy. the all pcm were easy though tricky .can anyone acclaim of getting 95+ in functional english , if yes give me ur roll no. coz i also gave a good eng exam

  29. abhishek kumar says:

    hey am a student of class 11(cbse)if physics this year was tough ,will this change the mind of cbse paper setter to make it easy in 2013 .hoping this happens

  30. prakhyathi says:

    Paper was damn tough… :{ Hope the cbse maths corrections be liberal.

  31. Don says:

    Most of the ques were direct but the 3d ques were tough. the paper was a bit lenghty too. A above average paper

  32. subasini says:

    the paper was good ;way better then physics

  33. abhinav says:

    man…paper was soo damn easy…but the time… its always been my enemy..!!i was suppossed to get 96+… but it all went very bad…15 marks was left out…and i panicked in the last hour..so many more went wrong.. felling like hell…

  34. shajith says:

    it was easy paper ifinished it in 2 hours expecting98 marks

  35. saleem says:

    will i get step marking for the questions

  36. saleem says:

    please reply me fast

  37. yash says:

    can anyone tell when will the marking scheme be uploaded.
    i just made a calculation error in the last line of my calc. how many marks will be deduted for it .it was 4 marks q.

  38. Abhijit says:

    i found it easy but i left 50 marks in maths i will get more than 80+ &90+ in physics,chemistryand all other but will get a less marks in math will it affect my iit seat

  39. afreen says:

    @srenevasan……can u pls help me out i aspire to get near about 300 in pcm… so how to prepare i m already through each word in ncert…… wat else?

    1. SRENEVASAN says:

      @afreen….. cbse isn’t tough job…. u dont hav to IIT JEE material….. it involves getting closer to NCERT BOOKS as far as chem is concerned…. in physics CONCEPTS are important… in maths….. RD SHARMA helped me a lot…….
      for any help….. contact at vasu2795@gmail.com

  40. TUntun says:

    u just have to go through ncert… but dnt forget to make notes of important topics…these notes are very helful during exam days u cannot read ncert in exam days….and u should buy sample papers..

  41. tarun says:

    in set 1 there WAS MISPRINTING.

    A Det can never be equal to Matrix

  42. Dear Sir,

    We have launched a free portal for students. We are offering free study guides and tests for students. Please encourage the students to use the site. Thank you.

    1. admin says:

      Please provide a link back to http://www.plustwophysics.com too

  43. samikshya dash says:

    Though d paper ws avg bt it proved extremely hard for me… Dun noe wat hppnd tp me in dat day… Lost my memory… Uff im gonna fail :'( still nw i cnt blv it.. Hope sum thng saves me.. Also in a doubt of wues f relation n function…. If any1 cn help me den do kindly reply…

  44. goutham says:

    set 3 was horrible…..
    plz provide marks 2tooooo liberally

  45. goutham says:

    set 3 was horrible………plz b 2toooooo liberalllll evaluation…….

  46. Education is greatly different today attractive the 1950s because of advancements in teaching as well great inventions that provide easier techniques of teaching. With advancements in the today’s world an important development with education in addition has taken place and that’s distance learning or internet education.

    We have launched a free portal for CBSE, ICSE students with free study guides and tests.

  47. raj says:

    i am getting around 27 in maths set 3.will cbse pass me?

  48. raj says:

    we need grace of atleast five marks…………especially in set 3 maths..students come’on………….raise ur voice and fight against injustice……………first physics and now maths……………………..it’s our life…..wake up students…..make ur voices heard to cbse….

  49. ajay says:

    y cbse………………..y dis year only…..?

  50. Rishi says:

    yes. Set 3 was tough compared to other 2 sets. CBSE should give moderation.

  51. saju says:

    3RD set was difficult and lengthy please be liberal…

  52. binay says:

    it was damn tough………….
    right to education
    right to equality
    but no equality in education
    as set 3 maths was much more difficult and lenghty
    this was a big upset for everyone who got all india set 3 ……….even delhi was easier……so i humbly request the godly cbse authorities to kindly take care of it and bring some life to the moderation policy and give grace marks atleast for passing (which is a minimum criteria for gettin into any college).

    hope cbse understands the mental pressure and tension of students who are in great depression.

  53. samikshya dash says:

    Cbse will pass all the students nd those getting abve 27 vl pass… I vl fail for sure… I hd done a ques of derevative bt i hd solved it nd find d value of x bt in d ques it ws asked to find derivative… Vl i get any marks????

  54. aishwarya says:

    it was too lengthy.. by thinking whether we could complete the paper in time, we forgot mostly all answers, even the easy ones!.. cbse, please be pity on us..
    we beg u, kindly make the correction liberal..

  55. anju says:

    Paper was OK. but can anyone upload set 1 & set 2 . I had set 3 and would like to compare with other sets. Thanks

  56. raj says:

    @samikshya-hw cn u say dt ppl getin 27 vil pass?

  57. sandeep says:

    i have a doubt.if i get a compartment will i gt single or double marksheet after clearing compartment.plz reply asap.

    great depression.

  58. samikshya dash says:

    Our teacher told us…. There will be two marksheets if a student gets compartmentala

  59. arathi kk says:

    for set 3 i found only x and y and didn’t notice x+y is der ny partial credit 4 one mark ques

  60. santhosh says:

    it was extremely lengthy i was so tensed to write this CBSE common you talk about mental pressure now you give us this type of paper

  61. arathi kk says:

    if der is a change in order of ques does that mattrr

    1. admin says:

      No, You can answer the question in any order. But, repeatedly answering the same question at different places should be avoided

  62. arathi kk says:

    can u pls upload marking scheme for maths

  63. arathi kk says:

    is marking scheme available

    1. admin says:

      The detailed answers are being published at http://www.physicsfans.com

      1. arathi kk says:

        for maths

  64. Rishi says:

    By this time corrections would have been over.Any idea if All India Set 3 was considered for moderation as it was more difficult than the other 2 sets ?

    1. admin says:

      For the wrong question everyone will get one mark for attempting

  65. arathi kk says:

    will strikes or cut offs affect much

    1. admin says:

      Overwriting and unnecessary cut offs are to be avoided. Cut an answer only after you have rewritten the answer

  66. arathi kk says:

    wich r d wrong ques in set 3

    1. admin says:

      It was about Physics

  67. arathi kk says:

    i expected cent percent bt the paper made me make careless mistakes nw so mch tensed …can’t sleep

  68. arathi kk says:

    is it necessary that the determinant question should be evaluated only in the prescribed method

    1. arathi kk says:

      pls ans

  69. sanjana says:

    i had math set 3 all india..i waz extremely difficult compared to other sets….cbse seriously needs to look into this……it waz extremely lengthy too….cbse this year was your worst question year ever…..just dont try to spoil the future of lakhs of students…this time the moderation policy should be more moderated for physics set 1 & 3 and maths set 3 all india…just hope that cbse has some humanity and help students..

  70. ravi says:

    does cbse even know that maths set 3 was horrible……………somebody pls report…career on stake……cbse nt expected from u………….:(

    1. arathi kk says:

      u mean all india paper

      1. ravi says:

        yes…….set 3 all india maths…………..come on students we dont have much time to fight….report cbse asap………..

        1. arathi kk says:

          agree with you..all other sets were much simpler compared to set 3

        2. Rishi says:

          yes..All India Set 3 maths paper was difficult compared to other sets. Please CBSE..be liberal.Do moderation for All India Set 3. We would be grateful to you always for this.

          1. Rishi says:

            Is there anyone here to note our feedback or are we just crying at the wrong place which will never be heard by CBSE? Anyone to care for us? Anyone seriously listening to us and helping us for moderation in All India set 3 maths paper?

  71. arathi kk says:

    is it necessary that the determinant ques shud be evaluated only in the method prescribed by ncert

  72. ravi says:

    did any one report cbse……….write as as many email as you can……plz

  73. arathi kk says:

    now,evaluation is almost over wat more we can do

  74. raj says:

    dis he real tym for action as moderation is mainly done after evaluation……………….plz cbse be a bit human in results…email cbse as much as possible

  75. reva says:

    in all india physics question paper.. was any question went wrong.. whether marks will be provided for that question

  76. amal t a says:

    math paper was very easy but enough time was not there.

  77. arathi kk says:

    **someone pls help**….will the determinant ques be given marks if we have solved it in a method other than the NCERT method

  78. i haven’t seen this sotrt of easy paper in my life

  79. chinhohwangbo says:

    we know……that the paper was easy for you all…but listen to us…we are not intelligent like you. so stop saying the maths paper was easy…we are just hoping to pass somehow.

  80. shweta anurupa says:

    .. same happened in ISC maths paper this time…lack of time…questions were even difficult than the last tesn years…twisted..and off course difficult for an average student .. yet scoring a 95 is easy :) ..

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