Online Projects and assignments :: A step to save earth and stop deforestation

Just imagine – A school has about 2000 students and each student studies atleast 5 subjects. The student gets on an average (atleast) one page per day as assignment on one subject and this makes 10000 pages per day for assignment/ homework only. If we calculate the total number of students in our country How many trees have to be cut per day to meet this requirement.

I REALIZED this and turned to online submission of projects and assignments.

Let’s Go Green

I have chosen online submission of projects in an attempt to save earth – When assignments are submitted online, paper work is minimised and further storage becomes so easy, it remains in the server and can be referred to any time provided I have access to Internet.

The only hindrance to this is that the students should also take the concept seriously and also the school authorities.

Initially the students find it a little different, but once started they have also started taking interest and they found that they can be more creative while they submit their work, findings, research reports etc as word file or flash presentation or PowerPoint presentation.

I invite all creative teachers to start such an initiative by which you can be innovative as well as we will be contributing to save our mother earth. provides facility for teachers to start courses online and accept projects and assignment online, conduct tests – MCQ, Short Answer Type and Long Answer Type – and grade the assignment – all online. No need for paper work.