Mar 15

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Questions received via chat interface

  1. Why the magnetic field lines do not intersect
  2. How contact force is related  with physical pendulum?

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  1. How contact force is related with physical pendulum?
    A Physical Pendulum is any object suspended from a support, a knife edge in most cases but not located at its centre of gravity. Here the normal reaction offered by the knife edge is a contact force.

    Have any other idea. Please feel free to post.

  2. Why the magnetic field lines do not intersect?
    Magnetic lines of force (also called magnetic field lines) are sooth curves in a magnetic field such that the tangent to it at any point gives the direction of magnetic field intensity at that point. So, if the magnetic field lines intersect anywhere, we can draw two tangents at the point of intersection indicating two directions of magnetic field at the same point WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE
    Is it clear.
    Visitors are requested to post their answers and ideas.

    Vishnu: when we bring a magnet near a Fe piece Fe moves from the initial position thus work is done.

    me: ok

    Vishnu: where the energy from?

    me: There cannot be any net gain of energy or work

    Vishnu: yes

    me: Work done is ofcourse by spending energy

    Vishnu: k

    me: and here the work done is caused by the magnetic force

    We can think a little more into it.

    Vishnu: k

    me: We are holding the magnet that is why the Fe moves towards you

    Vishnu: yes

    me: In moving it may be doing work against friction or against gravity

    Vishnu: yes and for accelerating too

    me: When the Fe is near the magnet, if we consider two points – one near the magnet and one near the Fe, we can explain this in terms of magnetic potential energy.
    Vishnu: k

    me: A decrease in Magnetic potential energy is responsible for the work

    Vishnu: yeah

    it means

    when we attract lot of


    the magnetic property reduces
    9:46 PM
    me: hmm

    me: Means that the Fe is more stable when it is close to the magnet than when it is away

    every system longs for stability

    Vishnu: yes

    me: The most stable position is the one with least PE

    Vishnu: yeah

    youtube is full of blunders

    me: ?

    Vishnu: Lot of them titled free energy

    me:me: Anyone can post a video, BUT There is no FREE LUNCH
    Vishnu: ha ha

    me: So far there is no process detected which provides a gain of energy.

    Vishnu: yeah
    but i suppose there is

    with destruction of mass

    me: mass is also energy in store

    Vishnu: ya

    me: SO now we do not call mass and energy but together mass-energy
    Vishnu: hmm




    einstein rocks


    Vishnu: ya
    me: Gravity was there is there and will be there even if Newton didn't discover it

    Vishnu: the best example

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