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Sep 17

CBSE Physics MCQ for quick revision – Mechanics

  • If the object is in equilibrium, the sum of all the forces acting on the object is zero.
    1. Inertia
    2. Force
    3. Mechanical Equilibrium
    4. Equilibrium rule

A push or a pull on an

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Sep 16

Horizontal projectile and freely falling body

A rifle at a height H aimed horizontally fires a bullet to the ground. At the same time , a bullet with the same mass in dropped from the same height. Neglecting air resistance, which one hits the ground first?Explain. ED posted Answer: Both will hit t...

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Sep 12

Homework from Projectile Motion

A projectile is projected at an angle theta with horizontal with speed u . If air resistance is taken in account , the angle with vertical at the time of hitting the ground will be a)more than (90 + theta) b)less than (90 – theta) c)(90 + theta...

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