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Sep 13

Collection of Problems received from Class 12 Physics

These problems were posted by Geena. Hope that we will be able to post the answers to these questions soon; each in a separate post. By the time visitors can attempt to post their answers as comments to this post. (Only selected posts will be published)   Please note that the answers are not published until the [...]

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Jul 31

A few problems from Current electricity

1. A carbon resistor of 47 k ohms is to be marked in the colour code . Write the sequence of colours .

2. A toaster produces more heat than a light bulb when connected in parallel to the 220 V mains

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Aug 15

Why ordinary ammeter cannot measure AC?

Ac changes its direction frequently and therefore the ordinary ammeter which is just a galvanometer with a shunt, tends to respond to the magnitude and direction of the instantaneous values of current

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