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Sep 13

The problem of a rock thrown vertically up

A rock is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial speed 15m/s. a. how high does it go b. how much time is required for the rock to reach its maximum height? c. what is the rock’s height at t=2.00s? (Posted by Merhawi) Answer: (a) u=15m/s a=-10m/s2 v=0 m/s [...]

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Aug 28

A Numerical Problem on conservation of momentum – An exploding shell

An 80 kg shell is flying at a speed of 36km/h. It explodes into two pieces and one piece of mass 20 kg stops. What is the velocity of other piece? (It’s a simple problem. Expect the visitors to answer soon) Incoming search terms:a 80 kg shell is flyingconservation of momentum problems shellconservation of momentum definition [...]

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Sep 28

Collisions and Principle of Conservation of Momentum – Weblinks

According to the principle of conservation of momentum, the total momentum of a system of particles remains constant provided no external force acts on it.

Principle of conservation of momentum is one of the fundamental concepts of Physics.


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