May 22

Question from Electrostatics

A charge ‘q’is placed at the centre of the line joining two equal charges Q.The system of 3 charges will be in equilibrium, if ‘q’is equal to;



c) Q/2

d) Q/4

Asked Fayas

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Feb 17

JEE Advanced – Study Materials

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Dec 18

Electrostatics – One mark and two marks questions for practice

So far we were concentrating on 3 and five marks questions only. Now I think that concentrating on one and two marks questions will further increase the chance of scoring better.

It’s true that just by concentrating on the three marks and five marks questions one can easily score greater than 60% marks. But it is not enough. When you CAN SCORE MORE why should you compromise for less?

Often the one and two marks questions are tricky and twisted. But, when the questions are tricky, there is a greater chance to score. All you need is to apply your commonsense (often complained that it is not so common!) and logical reasoning. The basic facts remain the same however the question maker twist them. So, believe that whatever question asked are based on what you have learnt. But beware!, whatever conclusions you draw must satisfy your commonsense as well as that of the examiner.

So, here are a collection of one mark and two marks questions from ELECTROSTATICS. The straight – forward questions are intentionally avoided.

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Apr 16

Worthy Downloads from PlusTwoPhysics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 30:  People watch a...

Hi! We are bringing together some of the worthy downloads we provided earlier and elsewhere at this site. Hope that these links will help you score better.

Electrostatics 1

Electrostatics 2


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Jan 30

Random collection of Physics Viva Questions

State the Principle of a potentiometer. (The students say that potential drop is proportional to length but the constant quantities are not mentioned) How can we increase the sensitivity

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Dec 02

Class 12 Physics : Electrostatics Revision Test

Max marks:50 Time:2hrs

A glass rod rubbed with silk acquires a charge of 6×10-12 C. Calculate the number of electrons it has gained

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Apr 06

Electrostatics Question Banks

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