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Sep 16

What are the similarities and differences in magnetic and electric field?

Similarities and differences in magnetic and electric field (Dilpreet posted this question) Similarities Differences  Both electric and magnetic field are conservative forcesBoth obey inverse square law Both are non contact forces (Forces can be exert...

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Sep 15

Electricfield, Magnetic Field and Photon

We know that photon has no charge. Then where from it gets electric and magnetic field in light? Malik Sajad asks Answer: Electric and magnetic fields are not produced by the photon; it is massless too. But, photon is created by time varying electric a...

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Sep 10

Solution to HC Verma Problem

“Referring to HC Verma Part 2, chapter 29, Electric field and potential, Q 69 I think that Force is inversely proportional to square of the distance between the charged particles, so acceleration is not constant and hence v*v  =  u*u  + 2*a*s   is not valid in this case. [...]

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Sep 10

Direction of magnetic field due to a current carrying conductor

“How do we know the direction of magnetic field around the current carrying conductor?” Asked Nikhil Incoming search terms:direction of magnetic field around a current carrying conductorDIRECTION OF MAGNETIC FIELD IN CURRENT CARRYING CONDUCTORmagne...

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Sep 02

Electric field inside a dielectric

Why does the electric field inside a dielectric decrease when it is placed in an external electric field?

(Thushara asked)


The net electric field inside a dielectric decreases due to polarization

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Aug 22

Current electricity – Numerical

A 10m length of aluminium wire has a diameter of 1.5mm. It carries a current of 12A. Find (i) the current density. (ii) the drift velocity (iii) the electric field in the wire. aluminium has approximately 10^29 free electrons per m^3

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Aug 18

Vibration of ferromagnet

Why a ferromagnet vibrates in a alternating magnetic field? (Swadipriya asked this) Incoming search terms:why ferromagnetic vibrates in alternating magnetic field

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