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Sep 16

Horizontal projectile and freely falling body

A rifle at a height H aimed horizontally fires a bullet to the ground. At the same time , a bullet with the same mass in dropped from the same height. Neglecting air resistance, which one hits the ground first?Explain. ED posted Answer: Both will hit t...

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Sep 13

More problems coming in; Try to answer now!

Stuti posted these: a particle is thrown with  any velocity vertically upward. the distance traveled by particle in last sec of ascent is 1)g 2)g/2 3)g/4 4)cant be calculated a ball is dropped from a bridge of 122.5 metre above a river. after ball h...

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Sep 13

The problem of a rock thrown vertically up

A rock is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial speed 15m/s. a. how high does it go b. how much time is required for the rock to reach its maximum height? c. what is the rock’s height at t=2.00s? (Posted by Merhawi) Answer: (a) u=15m/s a=-10m/s2 v=0 m/s [...]

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Sep 12

Homework from Projectile Motion

A projectile is projected at an angle theta with horizontal with speed u . If air resistance is taken in account , the angle with vertical at the time of hitting the ground will be a)more than (90 + theta) b)less than (90 – theta) c)(90 + theta...

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Aug 07

Variation of Time with altitude

Time shown by a clock at a height more than that of the mount everest will be ahead of the time shown by the clock at ground level? Or it will be same? Or there will be a difference but very small.?

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Jul 28

A Numerical from kinematics

when a obj. crosses a 5m mark below the top of a building….a 2nd object is released at tat time which is 25m below the top…n den they reach the ground simultaneously…wat is the height of the building??????

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Jul 27

An MCQ from Projectile motion

Devender posted this question: A plane is flying horizontally at 98m/s and releases an object, which reaches the ground in 10s. the angle made by it while hitting the ground is

(a) 55 degree (b

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