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Sep 16

What are the similarities and differences in magnetic and electric field?

Similarities and differences in magnetic and electric field (Dilpreet posted this question) Similarities Differences  Both electric and magnetic field are conservative forcesBoth obey inverse square law Both are non contact forces (Forces can be exert...

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Sep 02

Gravitation – Questionbank with answer for CBSE Class 9 SA1

The following questions are for a quick revision of the chapter “Gravitation” for CBSE Class 9. There are many other questions which can be asked from the portion allotted for SA1, but will mainly based on these concepts. The questions are based on the bare essential concepts; the minimum level of learning expected from the [...]

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Aug 20

Do the super conductors obey the second law of thermodynamics?

Second law of thermodynamics is not violated. If you can illustrate your idea and doubt, we may be able to discuss in more detail.

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Aug 14

Is law of conservation of energy violated here?

“When a body is moving with uniform speed on a rough surface under the application of a constant external force and an equal and opposite frictional force, the work done by both the forces should be equal. as a result, the net work done by both the forces should be zero. however, we find that [...]

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Jul 22

Electrostatics (I) Question Bank

Electrostatics I (Based on Frictional electricity, , Conservation of charge, Quantization of charge, Coulomb’s law and principle of superposition) Very Short Answer type Questions (1 mark) What is frictional electricity? What is the cause of frictional electricity? What is electrostatics? Write two devices based on electrostatics. Why static electricity is called so? How did electricity [...]

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Jul 07

What is refractive index?

Refractive index of a substance is a measure of the relative speed of light through that substance. It tells us by what fraction light is slowed down in the medium. Refractive index = speed of light in vacuum /speed of light in the medium Snell’s law...

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May 23

Class IX Physics :: Question Bank on Force and Laws of Motion

Very Short Answer Questions What name is given to the product of mass and velocity? What is the SI unit of momentum? What is the other name for Newton's first law of motion?

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