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Jun 18

Relative Nature of Motion

Now we know that motion is a relative term.So absolute motion has no meaning, right? So aren’t Galileo’s view that earth moves around sun and the church’s old belief that sun moves around

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Oct 10

Motion in a vertical circle and conservation of energy

A stone  tied to a string of length l is whirled around a vertical circle with the other end of the string at the centre. At a certain instant of time the stone is at the lowest position and has a

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Sep 16

Motion of connected system – A Numerical problem

A mass 5kg descending vertically,draws up a mass of3kg by means of a light string passing over a pulley.At the end of 4 seconds,the string breaks.How much higher 3 kg mass would go?

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Sep 12

Homework from Projectile Motion

A projectile is projected at an angle theta with horizontal with speed u . If air resistance is taken in account , the angle with vertical at the time of hitting the ground will be a)more than (90 + theta) b)less than (90 – theta) c)(90 + theta...

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Sep 10

Numerical Problem from Motion of Connected systems

Two blocks A and B of mass m1 and m2 respectively are kept in contact on a frictionless table.The experimenter pushes the block A from behind so that the blocks accelerate. If  the block A exerts a force F on the block B,what is the force exerted by the experimenter on A. Incoming search terms:numericals on [...]

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Aug 30

Solving problems on Laws of Motion

Sir,in solving problems of laws of motion ,is it mandatory to take that direction as +ve in which acceleration acts?(i.e should i subtract other forces acting on a body from the forces that is acting towards the acceleration)   (Pranay Talukdar asks) Answer: In general, we take the forces in the direction of acceleration (I.E, ENHANCING [...]

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Aug 22

An online quiz for Class 9 Physics – Force and Motion

Attempt this quiz from force and motion. This is primarily aimed at CBSE Class9 students. A Multiple Choice Quiz from Force The page will open in a new window. Your score will be shown on top of page in percentage. You can attempt multiple times and can improve performance. Please post your comments if you [...]

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