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Jan 30

Random collection of Physics Viva Questions

State the Principle of a potentiometer. (The students say that potential drop is proportional to length but the constant quantities are not mentioned) How can we increase the sensitivity

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Oct 30

Kinetic Energy – Numerical Problem

a running man has half the kinetic energy that a boy of half his mass has.the man speed up by 1m/s and then has the same kinetic energy as the body. what were the original speeds of man and boy?

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Oct 22

Numerical problem from image formation by spherical mirror – optics

An object is placed 18cm in front of a spherical mirror. if the image formed is 4cm to the right of the mirror calculate the focal length and radius of curvature? what is the nature of the mirror?


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Oct 12

A Numerical Problem – Kinamatics

A particle is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s. Find (a) the acceleration of the particle at the highest point. (b) How high the particle will rise? (c) Time taken for rising to

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Oct 07

A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

A car starts motion from rest at uniform acceleration of 2m/sec 2 for 3 seconds, and then it maintains a constant speed for 2 seconds.Then the breaks are used to decelerate the car uniformly to rest

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Sep 16

Motion of connected system – A Numerical problem

A mass 5kg descending vertically,draws up a mass of3kg by means of a light string passing over a pulley.At the end of 4 seconds,the string breaks.How much higher 3 kg mass would go?

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Sep 10

Numerical Problem from Friction

“The friction coefficient between a road and the tyre of a vehicle is 4/3.find the maximum incline the road may have so that once hard brakes are applied and the wheel starts skidding,the vehicle going down at a speed of 10m/s is stopped within 5m”...

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