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Nov 15

Numerical Problems From Optics

When an object of height 4cm is placed at 40cm from a mirror the mirror forms the image on the object itself. If the height of the image is equal to the height of the object. Find out the focal

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Nov 05

A problem from Optics

A convergent beam of light passes through a diverging lens of focal length 0.2m and comes to focus at distance 0.3m behind the lens.Find the position of the point at which the beam would converge in

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Sep 17

CBSE 12th Std Physics Numerical from Optics

A convex lens of crown glass(1.5) has a focal length of 15 cm. The lens is placed in (a) water(1.33) and carbon bisulphide(1,65).determine in each case whether the lens behaves as a conveging or a diverging

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Sep 06

Why Rainbow is in the form of an arc?

Why is a rainbow always bent in the shape of a semi circle…?? but according to the theory light travels straight….!!! (Ramesh asked)

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Oct 07

A short introduction to Optics and the Nature of Light


LIGHT is a form of energy which causes the sensation of vision. Optics is the branch of Physics which studies the nature of light and the various phenomena associated with it.


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Sep 10

Introduction to Light – NASA

Light is a form of radiant energy or energy that travels in waves. Since Greek times, scientists have  debated the nature of light. Physicists now recognize that light sometimes behaves like waves

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Aug 25

Question from Wave Optics

Rajat Asked:

What is the difference between interference and diffraction?


Interference is caused by the superposition of wave fronts from two coherent sources; But diffraction is caused by the superposition

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