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Jan 26

Latest Board Sample Papers and Guess Papers

Hi! Now is the time to buy sample question papers and Guess papers to excel in Board Exams. Just click the link below and you can buy CBSE Sample Papers and Guess papers

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Jan 30

Random collection of Physics Viva Questions

State the Principle of a potentiometer. (The students say that potential drop is proportional to length but the constant quantities are not mentioned) How can we increase the sensitivity

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Nov 06

Download sample question papers from CBSE

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Sep 07

Pseudo force and solving problems

Sir,can we solve problem without considering pseudo forces in non inertial frame?(give an example) Incoming search terms:QUESTINS FOR PROPERTIES OF MATTERoverloading physicsa stary nightsample paper of 10 class sa 1resultant force due to magnetic effectscience sample paper for class 2011 sa1sample question for cbse class ix sa1star and nightmagnetic forces onlyfree download of cbse based social [...]

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Sep 06

A Numerical from Combination of thin lenses in contact

Two thin lenses of focal lengths f1=20cm and f2=60cm are placed in contact. find the focal length f3 of the combined lenses. find also the focal length f of a third lens placed in contact with these two that would result in overall focal length f11=-40cm. (Asked Young) Incoming search terms:class 9 science sample paper for [...]

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Aug 27

How to excel in Green Olympiad?

Green Olympiad is and exam conducted by TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) to sensitize school children (Classes 8, 9 and 10) on environmental issues. Thousands of schools from

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Aug 26

A too simple question paper from Physics (Magnetic effects of current and magnetism) for class XII

If you find these question easy to answer, well and good. If you don’t, please revise these portions thoroughly. These are based on just the minimum level of learning expected from a Class XII student. State Gauss theorem in magnetism. Define the ter...

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