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Aug 10

What is Higgs Boson?

Why do we need Higg’s Boson? Helen Heath explains why the Standard Model needs the Higgs boson.

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Oct 12

A Numerical Problem – Kinamatics

A particle is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s. Find (a) the acceleration of the particle at the highest point. (b) How high the particle will rise? (c) Time taken for rising to

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Sep 13

More problems coming in; Try to answer now!

Stuti posted these: a particle is thrown with  any velocity vertically upward. the distance traveled by particle in last sec of ascent is 1)g 2)g/2 3)g/4 4)cant be calculated a ball is dropped from a bridge of 122.5 metre above a river. after ball h...

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Aug 31

A question from velocity time graph

if graph of velocity v and time t for a particle moving along straight line is parabola symmetric about time axis, then the relation between acceleration a and time t for particle is …. ? (Divya posted this question)

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Aug 25

LHC discovery

Salfronz asks: “When they talk about finding a particle like the Higgs boson, and looking in certain energy levels, does this really mean that the particle is that equivalent mass?  It seems like at the energy levels they’re looking at that these particles would be easily detectable if they actually had the mass to correlate [...]

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Aug 11

Black holes and gravitons ! Anything wrong here?

If no particle can escape from a black hole, how does quantum mechanics (which postulates gravitons) explain that a black hole’s gravitational field extends beyond its event horizon? If the force of gravity is transmitted by an exchange of gravitons, they’d have to escape from the black hole. I know they’re massless, but so are [...]

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Jul 24

A Few Problems from Kinematics

A body falling freely from rest has velocity v after it falls a height h . Calculate the distance it should fall down further for its velocity to become double A particle in uniform acceleration in a straight line has a speed of v m/s at position x meter is given by √(25-16x). What is [...]

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