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Now have more fun at

Ask Physics is now more dynamic and Social Networking enabled. Members enjoy a lot of facilities like face book integration, making friends online, sending private messages, forums and groups and many more. Visit ask physics to find out the new additions and facilities.

Though anyone can ask a question and get the answers by email, joining the site as a member adds to the fun. Members can post questions directly to forums, join groups of their interest, like or unlike the posts and activities by other members, add members as friends, send messages to friends and a lot more are in the making.

Teachers can also join the site and start posting answers to the questions as well as taking part in online discussions at forums.

Future Plans

Ask Physics is planning to start a separate section for Physics Classroom Videos.

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Weekly updates from Plustwo Physics Classroom

The following are the updates at Physics Classroom in the past week

  1. The First module on Electrostatics updated
  2. Started new course for Quick Revision in Physics for the students of Class XI
  3. Started An open forum for discussing the latest news in Physics

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Physics Classroom Updated :: Opened some sections available for guests to taste the site

Physics Classroom updated to allow some portions for guests. This step is and introductory offer to let the guests know what could be the benefits of joining the Physics Classroom.

There is also a facility to Trouble Report for logged in users. If the users find any difficulty in accessing the site or have any suggestions or complaints they can use this facility to report to the webmaster.

All registered users are initially accepted as students. Teachers after registering and confirming, please send a message to to upgrade to Teacher Account. Teachers will be able to post their own lessons, question banks, articles etc.

If you have google talk or at least a gmail account, and want to ask any doubts to the Physics Master, add to your contact list so that you can know whenever the Physics Master is online and chat and ask your doubts. This is free. Usually, Physicsmaster is online from 3 pm to 11pm IST.

Spammers and the misbehaved will be blocked.

Wish you all a happy experience at

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Welcome to PlusTwoPhysics !

Welcome to PlusTwoPhysics.

PlusTwo Physics is an online learning platform in Physics for school  students up to PlusTwo based on self learning techniques. The site is designed for use by students of age 13 yrs and above. Students can join the course(s) in which they are interested after registering and logging in. The members will be intimated whenever the site contents are updated. Physics Teachers can start new courses after approval from Administrator. Registration is compulsory for using the site.

The membership to this site is free

The entire Physics is divided into the major branches of Physics as categories and Lessons are arranged in each. This makes the system curriculum independent. Anyone from any country can get the information an d start learning online by joining the topic/lesson/course of his/her interest.

Enter Plus Two Physics Classroom Here

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