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Medical Entrance help materials for Quick Revision

Hello Dear aspirants of the Medical  Profession who are going to write the All India Medical Entrance!

You were studying hard all these days. Now try these last-minute tips and tricks before you head towards the exam.

The All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test (AIPMT) 2014, is your gateway to MBBS or BDS degree. The AIPMT 2014 scores will be used for admission to 15% of undergraduate Medical and Dental course seats in Government Medical/Dental Colleges of India in addition to participating State Government’s Universities/Institutes.

AIPMT 2014 test consists of 180 objective-type multiple choice questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology) to be answered in 3 hours. The syllabus is based on topics both from Class 11 and Class 12.

Some Last Minute Tips (for Physics)

  • Revise concepts from NCERT books
  • Revise all formulas and the context (the relevant concepts)
  • Read and understand the concept before trying to answer questions.
  • Improve your speed in answering papers by trying to complete them within the time frame you will have available at the examination. 
  •  Be meticulous in answering questions, correct S.I. Units and other details are very important and you may lose marks on an otherwise correct question if you miss the minor details.  
  • Practice all additional exercises too from NCERT

Find Below a list of all IMPORTANT FORMULAE in Physics for AIPMT 2014

Important Physics Formulae

All the Best

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How was AISSCE CBSE Physics Exam 2014?

How was your CBSE/AISSCE 2014 Physics Exam?

Was it easy, difficult or moderate?

Were there any questions outside syllabus?

Were there any confusing questions?

Were there any errors in question paper?

Respond now!

Let your voices be heard before finalizing the marking scheme.

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Post your Physics requirements here

Want some thing more here? Please post your requirements, We will work hard to add your needs.
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Must Buy Physics Books for Plus Two students

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawkings

Cover of
The Quantum Universe – Everything that can happen does happen

A 2003 photo of Lewin
For the Love of Physics – Walter Lewin

Cover of
Surely you’re Joking Mr Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character by Richard P Feyman

More Links Below

Books on Study Aid and Exam Preparation

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JEE Advanced – Study Materials










Electrostatics 1

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Quick Revision Study Materials for Class XII

Current Electricity
Electromagnetic Induction
AC Circuits


Ray Optics
Physical Optics
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
Semiconductor Devices
Communication System

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Reference Books in Physics Suggested by CBSE for class XI and XII students

1.      Fundamentals of Physics

-         David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker

       Asian Books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi


2.      Facets of Physics :  A conceptual Approach   

 West Publishing Company


3.      University Physic

-         H.D Young, M.W.Zemansky and F.W.Sears

       Narosa Pub. House


4.      Physics – Foundations and Frontiers

-         George Gamow and J.M.Clearland

       Tata Mcgraw Hill


5.      College Physics

-         R L Weber, K.V Manning, M.W.White & G.A Weygard

      Tata Mcgraw Hill


6.      College Physics

-         Reymond A.Sarvey and Jerry S.Fanghan

       Harcourt Brace & Co.


7.      Principles of Physics

                    – Raymond A.Serway & John W.Jewett, Jr.


8.      The Elements of Physics

                    I.S Grant & W.R. Phillips


9.      Physics can be fun

-         Y. Perelman, Mir Publishers


10. Advanced level Physics M.Nelkon & P.Parker

-         Arnold – Heinemann


11.  Success in Physics – Tom Duncan

                        John Murray Publications Ltd.


12.  Success in Electronics – Tom Duncan

-         John Murray Publications Ltd.


13.  Concepts of Physics – H.C.Verma

                        Bharti Bhawan Publishers


14.  3000 Solved Problems in Physics

                        Alvin Halpern

                        Schaum’s solved problem series

                        Tata Mcgraw Hill


15.  Mcgraw Hill’s Dictionary of Physics

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