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Nov 15

Numerical Problems From Optics

When an object of height 4cm is placed at 40cm from a mirror the mirror forms the image on the object itself. If the height of the image is equal to the height of the object. Find out the focal

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Nov 05

A problem from Optics

A convergent beam of light passes through a diverging lens of focal length 0.2m and comes to focus at distance 0.3m behind the lens.Find the position of the point at which the beam would converge in

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Oct 30

Spherical Mirror Problem

A rear view mirror used in a bus has a radius of curvature 3.5 m. If the driver of the bus locates a car at 10.0m behind the bus, find the position, nature and size of the image of the car.


f = r/2=-1.75

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Oct 13

Numerical Problems from Light

Madhu sent us the following problems from “Light”. Visitors can attempt to solve the problems by quoting the question number.

Most of the questions below are based on mirror formula and lens

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Oct 10

Motion in a vertical circle and conservation of energy

A stone  tied to a string of length l is whirled around a vertical circle with the other end of the string at the centre. At a certain instant of time the stone is at the lowest position and has a

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Sep 10

Relative position of a helicopter

If a helicopter takes off from a point on earth.(at certain altitude) and its still at that point in air.After certain time interval the observer whose position was same as that of helicopter’s take off point will see the helicopter right above him. The question arises is that how it is possible if [...]

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Jul 29

Big Bang Theory

‘BIG BANG’ theory is well known to all . If it actually happened, Then I thought a question about this, like as what is the actual position of our earth in the previous time of ‘BIG BANG’?? When the whole earth is like a point. … Arkajyoti asked Incoming search terms:big bang theorytheory related in [...]

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