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Mar 06

Questions received via “Ask a Question” section

How to make a radio? Asked Amritansh prasad

How many time constant will be elapsed before the power delivered to the battery drops to half of its maximum value? Asked Mrityunjoy


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Mar 05

How was your CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?

How was the Physics Exam today?

Were there questions beyond your comprehension?

Were there questions out of Syllabus?

Post your responses Now!

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Feb 17

Physics Quick Revision study materials for Class XI (CBSE, EAMCET)

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Feb 08

Previous Question Papers of NIOS Physics

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Feb 08

Class 12 Physics – (AISSCE)Previous Question Papers with marking scheme

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Sep 13

A Physics homework problem based on projectile motion and reaction time

A missile is launched and travels at 309m/s. If the operator discovers that the missile is locked on the wrong target and must be detonated by remote signal before impact, how far will the missile travel if the operator’s reaction time to send...

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Sep 12

Homework from Projectile Motion

A projectile is projected at an angle theta with horizontal with speed u . If air resistance is taken in account , the angle with vertical at the time of hitting the ground will be a)more than (90 + theta) b)less than (90 – theta) c)(90 + theta...

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