CBSE Marks Verification – Shortcuts to Links

You didn’t get the expected marks in AISSE or AISSCE 2012?

Central Board of Secondary Education

You can apply for verification to check

  • whether all the answer’s have been evaluated and that there has been no mistake in the totalling of marks for each question in that subject and that the marks have been transferred correctly on the title page of the answer book and to the award list and
  • whether the supplementary answer book(s) attached with the answer book mentioned by the candidate are intact.

No revaluation of the answer book or supplementary answer book(s) shall be done.

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String Theory and Einstein

S.A. JEFFREY asks: “My clock converts a circular earth orbit into an eliptical one. And the result is six minutes difference from sidereal time per year. Approx we take this figure to 10,000 digits of pi accuracy as the formula uses Pi. A cicular orbit can be in as many as 11 dimensions but these [...]