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Nov 15

Does gravity travel instantaneously?

Does gravity travels instantaneously? Or it travels equal to the speed of light.


No clear answer now. If we believe in the Theory of relativity, Gravity (Gravitational Waves travel with the same

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Nov 09

Speed of sound

Why sound travels faster in humid air than normal air as humid air is denser than normal air? (Akash asked)


The speed of sound in a medium is inversely proportional to the square root of its

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Nov 01

What would happen if the Earth stopped rotating?

The speed of an object on earth’s surface near equator is approximately is 1670 kilometers/hour. So, if the earth stops rotating suddenly,  the objects on the

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Oct 30

Kinetic Energy – Numerical Problem

a running man has half the kinetic energy that a boy of half his mass has.the man speed up by 1m/s and then has the same kinetic energy as the body. what were the original speeds of man and boy?

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Oct 07

A Numerical Problem from Kinematics

A car starts motion from rest at uniform acceleration of 2m/sec 2 for 3 seconds, and then it maintains a constant speed for 2 seconds.Then the breaks are used to decelerate the car uniformly to rest

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Sep 15

What is twin paradox?

TWIN PARADOX is a paradoxical situation coming in while explaining the theory of relativity. “Time dilation” is one of the important consequences of relativity. It says that if a body is moving with relativistic speeds, time will dialate ...

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Sep 13

More problems coming in; Try to answer now!

Stuti posted these: a particle is thrown with  any velocity vertically upward. the distance traveled by particle in last sec of ascent is 1)g 2)g/2 3)g/4 4)cant be calculated a ball is dropped from a bridge of 122.5 metre above a river. after ball h...

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