Get Ready .. The CBSE Class XII Results are coming

CBSE announced that the CBSE Class XII results will get started to publish from 21 May 2016. Though CBSE is trying to publish the Class 12 results of all regions together on 21st, there may be some regions not completed the result related works. However all the regions will publish the results shortly, starting from tomorrow.


Wish you all candidates the very best!!!


CBSE Results to be published soon

CBSE Results for class 12 are ready to be published in some regions. Just waiting for synchronization in publication by all regions. Trivandrum region and Chennai region are ready with their results. On getting a positive nod from above the results will be published. The wait is to ensure that there is not much delay between the dates of declaration the different regions. All regions will declare the result within a week.
Best of luck for all.


Electric Field (Homework Question)

Two parallel charged rings both with diameter 24.0cm are located 15.0 cm apart sharing a common axis. One ring has a charge of 25.0nC and the other ring has a charge of 40nC. What is the magnitude of the electric field half way between the rings on their axis?

A)      37570 N/C
B)      637 N/C
C)      15500 N/C
D)      1.26 * 10^6 N/C
E)      None of the above

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CBSE Assures that difficulties faced in exam will be taken care of during evaluation

After the difficulties faced by the students in CBSE mathematics exam was raised in Parliament CBSE Assured that difficulties faced in eam will be taken care of during evaluation. The meeting of subject experts and authorities along with question paper setters and moderator will begin shortly and all the feedback received from various sources will be discussed thoroughly and the marking scheme will be finalised in such way that the students are benefitted to the maximum as they deserve.



CBSE Maths heats up Parliament

The issue of this “very tough” CBSE Maths paper has been taken up to parliament.

During a zero hour discussion, Kerala Congress member K. V. Thomas stated that “the government should take it seriously” since the Maths exam CBSE devastated the hopes of many students and most of them were in tears and tension after the exam.

Whereas on one side CBSE pledges to decrease the stress and tension, on the other side it seems to be pledged to elevate tension and stress for class XII students.

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Mathematics Olympiad preparation